About Us

  1. Do You Want To Stand Out And Capture Attention?

Brand image is everything in today’s tough business environment and round-the-clock news and information cycle. Regardless of what you do, you need a rock-solid brand to stand out and capture attention.

The AFA Creatives is an innovative platform, the first of its kind in Nigeria that:

  • empowers you as a creative person with the right tools to turn your everyday photos, videos and graphic designs into money-making assets. When you join our fast-growing community, you are given access to our unique online money-making system that ensures you do not only make money from your creative work but you also enjoy your life!
  • provides you as a business person/brand manager/freelancer with high quality creative content that’ll turn your creative ideas into magical works of arts and expressions at just a token. We give you the keys and help you create the perfect market-worthy idea that puts the spotlight on your brand’s image.

Types of Users on AFA Creatives 
Because AFA Creatives is a digital content marketplace, there are two main users on the platform – buyers and sellers of digital content.

  1. Buyers: These are individuals and organisations who require digital content – graphics templates, video footages and stock photos for their branding building and creative works. This platform was set up to provide them with quality, affordability and easy access to a wide variety of these digital materials supplied by creatives around the world.
  2. Sellers: These are the creative ones for which this platform was set up to help monetize their digital content and build a successful practice. We believe that good ideas deserve a chance to grow and flourish and that people deserve to earn a living while enjoying what they do in their comfort zone.

Why AFA Creatives?

  • Saves Time: You no longer have to spend several hours coming up with designs because with AFA Creatives, you achieve magical results in less time. All you need to do is to, make a choice from a variety of beautiful design templates, video footages or stock photos, make your purchase, download the digital file and easily use in your projects.
  • Easily jump-start your Creative Process: Do away for good with frustrating hours upon hours trying to come up with out-of-this-world concepts for your projects because on AFA Creatives, you have access to the tons of absolutely amazing designs, videos and photos from designers from around the world. Visit the platform today to spark up in you a creative expression like you’ve never experienced before.
  • Get Excellence at an Affordable Price: You’ll agree that we all want our creative projects to be the talk of the town but at the same time, we do not want costs that bleed our pockets. On AFA Creatives, you now have the two in one place – Great digital content at amazingly affordable prices!
  • It’s not a problem if you don’t know how to design: The idea of AFA Creatives is to help you come up with super creative works even if you’re not a designer! So what do you do? Just visit the AFA Creatives platform, hire an expert and AFA Creatives will handle the project for you.

Our Services
Lit Designs For Your Business!

  1. Buy or Sell:
  • Graphic design template.
  • Stock Photos.
  • Web Templates
  • Video Templates.
  1. Creative Services:Hire an expert for your creative project and have AFA Creatives manage the delivery of that project while you have time to focus on other important work. This is convenience you can’t afford to miss. Once you’ve paid for the services of an expert and mailed your project description and custom scripts to hello@afacreatives.com, a certified AFA Creatives expert will contact you and take it up from there. It’s just that easy!

How to use AFA Creatives:
To buy on AFA Creatives:

  1. Once on the platform (www.afacreatives.com/store), mouse over the main menu items (graphic designs, video footages and stock photos) to reveal the categories under each of them.
  2. Scroll down through the categories and select the category you wish to buy from by clicking on it.
  3. Browse through the various products in that category and select a product to buy by clicking on the “cart” icon or on the product image/name if you want more details about that product.
  4. Click “Add to cart” and “CheckOut” to make your payments. The platform payment is secure and supports multiple payment options from recognized payment gateways.
  5. Check your email for the link to download the product(s) you just purchased.

To sell on AFA Creatives:
You can start selling right away on our marketplace as AFA Creatives does not charge you to set up a store. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a seller account
  2. Make a Compressed or zipped file of the digital content/file you want to sell – whether it is a graphics template design, video footage or stock photo.
  3. For your store front, you’ll need to create:
  4. an advert graphics for that design template you want to sell or
  5. a water-marked image for that stock photo you want to sell or
  6. a short video preview/description for that video footage you want to sell. This is to give users the information they require to make the decide to buy.
  7. Login to your seller account
  8. Click on Downloads to upload the compressed/zipped file buyers will download after payment. Ensure you name it properly – clarity is key here. Avoid using encrypted naming conventions like JustAV243XYZ. Keep it simple. For example: A Beautiful Vintage Birthday Design Template.
  9. Once you’ve successfully uploaded the zipped file, click on “Add Products” to add that product to the store. Fill the form correctly and ensure that the product name and the download name (in number 5 above) are the same. This will help our platform staff quickly resolve any disputes/issues if they should arise.

Please note that for quality assurance purposes, every product added to the CeFlix Image marketplace is looked at by a team and only products that have been properly curated are approved. Typically, this should not take more than 6 hours. In the event that your product was not approved, you’ll receive a mail as to why and what you should do next.